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First Day of School! Fish Go Round & More

By Momma
My Kiddos

Pretty exciting day at our house – as I’m sure it is at most of yours… 2nd Grade and Preschool 2! I couldn’t top the Angry Birds lunch that we shared on our Facebook Page – so we just went for something colorful! Or 2 somethings colorful… There is barely a difference between the two, […]

Peanut Butter Bagel and other goodness.

By Momma
Peanut butter bagel and more goodness

On store days I’ll be packing Gussy a lunch too. So Gussy has a bagel with peanut butter (Simon cannot bring peanut butter to school – holy that’s gonna be tough), bean burrito with cheese, baby corn, cooked carrots, and a fruit snack roll and rice milk. You’re probably wondering why he has the motherload […]

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