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Birthday Lunch

By Momma

Last week a special person in my world turned 6 years old. There is something about a birthday that makes me want to cook, bake and please. I let my kids (and husband) pick what they would want, for dinner, more than anything else on earth. Gus picked this… Don’t worry, it is pancakes with […]

Bagel Sammy, Banana, & More

By Momma
1/2 Bagelwich, banana and chocolate chip cookie

Bagel sandwiches are right up at the tippy top of my list. This particular sandwich has a bit of turkey within. The rest of the sides – banana 1/2, homemade chocolate chip cookie (our favorite recipe – so not healthy), Goldfish crackers, kiwi, homemade applesauce, clementine, blueberries and a color circle of chocolate drops. version […]

Hard-Boiled Wonderland

By Momma

If you use Instagram I’ve been posting my lunches on there often lately, and you might want to follow walkingstickmama – if you are into that kind of thing – which you probably are since you are here right now. I’ve posted several lunches under #madeyourlunch and would be really excited if you shared yours […]

Green Belly Acher School Lunch

By Momma
Grapes, Belly Achers and More

Sounds appetizing, right? Well belly achers aren’t adequately named. I ate about 40 of them last night – no aches. As for the rest, apparently I had green on the brain this morning. Soy yogurt, green apple, green chocolate drops, green belly achers (aka cucumbers soaked in vinegar, water, salt and pepper), green grapes and […]

First Day – Cartoon Lunch

By Momma
Phineas and Ferb Made Your Lunch

I found a really awesome picture on the “net” of Phineas & Ferb, in food form, and I decided I’d try and recreate something to really blow these guys away. With the reveal the little one thought it was Tom & Jerry and the big one thought Ferb was a dog. Strike one for Mama. […]

Kiwi, Burrito and Chocolate Drops

By Momma
Egg Smooshed, Clementine and More

Chocolate drops, clementine, hard-boiled hen egg, diced apples, soy yogurt, kiwi, Goldfish crackers, blueberries, and only 6 days and counting until my babies are back in school. If you’d like to know more about the lunchboxes featured in these pictures and posts, then you should take a look at PlanetBox Lunchboxes.  

Ham Bun for Back to School

By Momma
Pretty Cold Lunch

Ham Bun, fresh strawberries, chocolate rainbow drops, 1/2 brownie, soy yogurt, diced apples and the best filler ever – goldfish crackers and your belly ought to be full. Pretty soon mornings won’t be quite as bright. I love our bright summertime mornings. Back to school is just around the corner! Are you ready to start […]

Almost Time….

By Momma
Pasta Salad, Kiwi & Delish

for back to school. Lunches will soon be in full force around these parts. We will still have all kinds of delicious summer harvests to stuff in the cold lunch for a couple of months after school starts. The main reason I love back to school is because I get to pack lunches again. I […]

Valentine Cold School Lunches Take 2!

By Momma

This is a guest parent – and she just happens to be my freakin’ adorable sister. Don’t we look alike? Here is her lunch today followed by her pile of cute little kiddos this morning. I’m not sure I can give you the details of this lunch. Looks like – cottage cheese, goldfish crackers, a […]

Circle Sandwiches, Tiny Pear and more Fall Delights

By Momma
Circle Sandwiches, Tiny Pear and more Fall Delights

As fall creeps in it always seems harder to fill lunches with fresh fruit, but it is actually just a transition. The plethora of fresh fruit in the summertime is what makes summertime so special. The fall fruits are just as much of a treat though. I mean look at this tiny pear and the […]

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