The tomato-nosed bagel deer.Seriously...nuff said. I love that guy and his chocolate chip eyes and pretzel...

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My New Favorite!


This is our second LOVE lunch of the week. I neglected to mention that school was canceled on Monday because the building's heater broke. So,...

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A week of Love

Soba & Gyoza

 I try to fill lunchboxes with extra love around this time of the year. Obviously, that is all I fill them with, obviously. But everyone...

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The Magic

Simon and Gus

The magic is really all for these two humans.Aren't they handsome?I always love it when I wake up in the morning and plans come together,...

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Mamalode Publication


I keep meaning to share this here. I have a friend, and she started an amazing publication (both in print and online) and I had...

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My Word

Soy Sauce Fish

I'm terrible at updates. But, I'm keeping my word. If you follow on Instagram you're seeing a lot more than most folks. I love that...

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Sexy Carrots


Gus grew his own carrots this year. And some peas.In our family garden we've got tomatoes coming out of our ears.We even share with our...

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4th Grade and 1st Grade


4th grade sounds so old!I'm not exactly sure how that happened. Where did the time go? When did Simon get so big? He turns 9...

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Summer Camp Lunches


Just getting you up to speed. I failed miserably at posting lunches daily, until the day school starts, man summer is busy.Some...

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