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Birthday Lunch

By Momma

Last week a special person in my world turned 6 years old. There is something about a birthday that makes me want to cook, bake and please. I let my kids (and husband) pick what they would want, for dinner, more than anything else on earth. Gus picked this… Don’t worry, it is pancakes with […]

Starwich, Fruit Leather & more

By Momma

We’ve got ourselves a starwich today – instead of a sandwich of course. The starwich is on Wheat Montana bread with Tofurky and Rice Cheese. Orange slices, corn (off the cob), jolly beans, soy yogurt, plums, fruit leather and diced apples make up the rest of the feast. This is the non-starwich version. Looks just […]

Tomato Mouth

By Momma

This might be at the top of my faves. I love this little olive-eyed, grass head, tomato eatin’ PB&J. The rest looks awfully pleasing as well. I suppose this little person (head) came about as I was removing crust. One boy doesn’t mind the crust…and the other does. Here is the crust lover’s version of […]

Smoked Meat Lunch

By Momma

Our Papa smokes the best meat. He loves to do it, and he’s really really good at it! Both boys LOVE it. We were lucky enough to have some leftover brisket to enjoy in our lunches today. The big kid likes bread… and lemon soy yogurt, organic strawberries, grapes and apples, potato salad and jolly […]

The Kissing Hand

By Momma

The Kissing Hand is how Gus started Kindergarten and I remember Simon doing the same. I sat in each of their classrooms, while their teacher read that book, on the first day of school and cried. I like to think of my lunches as my ‘kissing hand’. If only I could send a lunch this […]

Rice Ball Faces

By Momma
Dinos, Rice Balls and PB&J

Two boys off to school today = two lunches on our counter first thing in the morning. Getting back in the swing of things has been quite a bit easier this year than years past. Soy yogurt, peanut butter and jelly bites, rice ball with nori face, carrots, lemon-covered almonds, fig cookies, strawberry star cookie, […]

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