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Bagel Sammy, Banana, & More

By Momma
1/2 Bagelwich, banana and chocolate chip cookie

Bagel sandwiches are right up at the tippy top of my list. This particular sandwich has a bit of turkey within. The rest of the sides – banana 1/2, homemade chocolate chip cookie (our favorite recipe – so not healthy), Goldfish crackers, kiwi, homemade applesauce, clementine, blueberries and a color circle of chocolate drops. version […]

Bunny Seed Face

By Momma
Bunny Seed Face Made Your Lunch

Look at that delightful lunch. That hard-boiled backyard hen egg is molded in my fancy hard-boiled egg mold, details are filled in with tiny sesame seeds, chips, guacamole, kiwi, chocolate drops, bagel sandwich, homemade applesauce, clementine bits and blueberries complete the cold lunch for today. If you’d like to know more about the lunchboxes featured […]

Kiwi, Berries, Egg Critter and More

By Momma
Kiwi, Berries, Egg Critter and More

Bagel Sandwich with Ham, Tofutti Cream Cheese, and Lettuce Organic Kiwi surrounded by fresh blueberries Hard-Boiled Backyard Hen Egg (squished in my egg squisher – to look like a bunny) Strawberry Soy Yogurt Vitamin Pile Diced Organic Apple Mmmm. Mmmmm. If you’d like to know more about the lunchboxes featured in these pictures and posts, […]

300 Lunches!

By Momma
Bagel Sandwich, Carrot Bits and More

Today I celebrate the posting of my 300th lunch. I think I need to have a party of some sort. Dedication, I suppose I have the two cutest boys on earth to thank for that, and they need to eat. Nothing makes me feel better than filling their bellies up for mid-day meal with the […]

Weird Apple, Bagel Sandwich and Hummus Face

By Momma
Weird Apple, Bagel Sandwich and More

We’ve got a bagel sandwich today that my kids would eat everyday if we had the goods on hand. This one is filled with lettuce, tomato, and ham. This sideways apple was a funny find, the core went completely sideways, turned a corner. The cherry tomatoes are from our backyard garden, and that previously mentioned […]

Birthday Lunch

By Momma
Bagel Sandwich, Banana and More

Today we have a bagel sandwich with ham, tomatoes from our garden, and a bit of cream cheese. The sides are a lemon daisy cookie, pesto pasta (the favorite summertime score), strawberries, kiwi and nectarine (all of the organic variety) and a 1/2 banana – carved… Guess who turned 7!?! The variation is slight…but Simon […]

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