Smoked Chicken, Lemon Spinach Pasta Salad & More


Papa smoked some more meat this weekend. There isn't anything Gus likes quite like 'meat on a bone'.Notice our feathered friend lurking near the breakfast...

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Dino Necklaces and Rice Faces


I was pretty in love with this little lunch upon completion. PB& J Dinosaurs with necklaces? Rice with a face and hat? What next?Homemade chocolate...

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Smoked Meat Lunch


Our Papa smokes the best meat. He loves to do it, and he's really really good at it! Both boys LOVE it. We were lucky...

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Ravioli Bird Lunch


We aren't eating the bird for lunch, just to clarify.We got a new bird from Santa and he has an awful lot of spunk. This...

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Sushi & a Ham Wrap


Sushi rolls might be one of the most pleasing things to put in lunches. They are real eye candy. My biggest kiddo loves sushi so...

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Oh Santa

Santa loves made your lunch

Meatloaf, rice, edamame, kiwi, soy yogurt, diced apples and a delightful milk chocolate Santa and we're done!Peaches, peanut butter and jelly and Santa!Happy Holiday...

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Bagel Sammy, Banana, & More

1/2 Bagelwich, banana and chocolate chip cookie

Bagel sandwiches are right up at the tippy top of my list. This particular sandwich has a bit of turkey within. The rest of the...

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Puzzle Piece Sandwich

Puzzle Piece Sandwich, Kiwi and More

I love me some rice and egg faces. Today we've got a tasty tray-full of puzzle sandwich (peanut butter and jelly style), pretzel squares, hard-boiled...

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Hard-Boiled Wonderland

If you use Instagram I've been posting my lunches on there often lately, and you might want to follow walkingstickmama - if you are into...

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