Quesadilla Take 1&2

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Quesadilla Take 1

Remember these dudes – well here are the lunches that came about this particular morning at our cozy house.

Simon and Gus

Cheese Quesadilla morning – I guess I woke up feeling quite ambitious this morning, or I need to use up the last of our flour tortillas. Some mornings are just a bit more creative than others. The cheese quesadillas were filled with cheddar cheese (even though we have some lactose intolerance in our household) every now and then we go out on a limb and cheese things up a bunch. Yum! The sides today were some raw walnuts for one, some squash bread for both, chocolate chips for dessert, carrot sticks for the purpose of getting rid of them (sometime this century), cherry tomatoes for one and ranch for dipping, plums for Simon (he could live off of them), leftover butternut squash risotto, and I think I spied some raisins and craisins in the mix. To drink – some water.

Quesadilla Take 2

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