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Last Day of Second Grade

By Momma
Cold School Lunch Note

I’ve been meaning to post this lunch for over a month now…and about a billion more…someday I’ll catch up. Most likely it will be when my kids are 25 and 27. I asked Simon what he wanted for his last cold lunch of second grade and he told me, “A note.” I used to get […]

Sloppy Joes, Diced Apples and More

By Momma
Macaroni and Cheese, Apples and More

Hard-boiled 1/2 hen egg is a good way to hide the world’s worst peel job. This lunch is a collaboration of leftovers I found in the fridge this morning. Sloppy Joe in a thinwich, leftover Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese, a diced organic apple, some applesauce (just to double apple it up today) and the ol’ […]

Sloppy Joe, Banana and More

By Momma
Sloppy Joe

Today for lunch we are having one of Simon’s Favorites! There he is with his sleepy little eyes reading us a book while Mama makes lunches. Today we’ve got a sloppy joe, sloppy joe, slop sloppy joe, 1/2 banana, red grapes, a dollop of organic applesauce, a dino vitamin pile, and sliced organic pear. Happy […]

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