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Starwich, Fruit Leather & more

By Momma

We’ve got ourselves a starwich today – instead of a sandwich of course. The starwich is on Wheat Montana bread with Tofurky and Rice Cheese. Orange slices, corn (off the cob), jolly beans, soy yogurt, plums, fruit leather and diced apples make up the rest of the feast. This is the non-starwich version. Looks just […]

First Day – Cartoon Lunch

By Momma
Phineas and Ferb Made Your Lunch

I found a really awesome picture on the “net” of Phineas & Ferb, in food form, and I decided I’d try and recreate something to really blow these guys away. With the reveal the little one thought it was Tom & Jerry and the big one thought Ferb was a dog. Strike one for Mama. […]

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