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Smoked Chicken, Lemon Spinach Pasta Salad & More

By Momma

Papa smoked some more meat this weekend. There isn’t anything Gus likes quite like ‘meat on a bone’. Notice our feathered friend lurking near the breakfast bowl of granola? He really likes to help himself to a bit of granola from the breakfast bowls in the morning. Watch yourself…here I come! Getting closer and closer. […]

Dino Necklaces and Rice Faces

By Momma

I was pretty in love with this little lunch upon completion. PB& J Dinosaurs with necklaces? Rice with a face and hat? What next? Homemade chocolate chip cookies are never a bad thing either. Scrunch! Simon scored a pb&j puzzle piece sandwich instead of the dinosaurs in Gussy’s lunch. Plus: leftover Tilapia, yellow and red […]

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