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Green Belly Acher School Lunch

By Momma
Grapes, Belly Achers and More

Sounds appetizing, right? Well belly achers aren’t adequately named. I ate about 40 of them last night – no aches. As for the rest, apparently I had green on the brain this morning. Soy yogurt, green apple, green chocolate drops, green belly achers (aka cucumbers soaked in vinegar, water, salt and pepper), green grapes and […]

Halloween Monster Face Sandwiches

By Momma
Big Tongue

Watch out this monster might get you. Or maybe this one. I should have saved this post for the Day of the Dead. The rest of these monster mash lunches are filled with all kinds of goodness. Look at that little monster in the background below. Now for the goods => Tiny apple from our […]

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