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Dinosaur Sandwiches, Grapes and Gus

By Momma

Little Gus posed this morning for a photo with his lunch box. Good morning dinos. It has been awhile since we’ve seen you. Maybe since last school year? We’ve also got some homemade applesauce, fig cookies, little crunchy sticks from the bulk section at the GFS, of the garlic and poppyseed variety no less. Some […]

Birthday Lunch

By Momma
Bagel Sandwich, Banana and More

Today we have a bagel sandwich with ham, tomatoes from our garden, and a bit of cream cheese. The sides are a lemon daisy cookie, pesto pasta (the favorite summertime score), strawberries, kiwi and nectarine (all of the organic variety) and a 1/2 banana – carved… Guess who turned 7!?! The variation is slight…but Simon […]

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