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Sexy Carrots

By Momma

Gus grew his own carrots this year. And some peas. In our family garden we’ve got tomatoes coming out of our ears. We even share with our backyard hens, sometimes. Those sweet hens give us delicious eggs to eat in our lunches, so a fresh tomato every now and again isn’t hard to part with. […]

Green Belly Acher School Lunch

By Momma
Grapes, Belly Achers and More

Sounds appetizing, right? Well belly achers aren’t adequately named. I ate about 40 of them last night – no aches. As for the rest, apparently I had green on the brain this morning. Soy yogurt, green apple, green chocolate drops, green belly achers (aka cucumbers soaked in vinegar, water, salt and pepper), green grapes and […]

Quorn Roast, Pears and More

By Momma
Quorn Roast, Chocolate Drops and Yum

I should have titled it “Quorn Roast, Chocolate Drops and Yum”…cause that looks seriously good! We love a little bit of meat-free roast in our lives it is seriously delicious. If you haven’t tried it – I suggest you do. The pears & apples are pretty darn near the only fresh fruits we can get […]

Thanksgiving Leftovers?

By Momma
Turkey Stromboli

Where did the time go? We’ve been busy…but we haven’t stopped making lunches. Everybody needs to eat right? So we’re still going strong just not so good about posting these days (weeks/months). You see we’ve got a remodel/expansion happening at our toy store. And the holidays brought the busy bluster they bring to each of […]

Breakfast for Lunch

By Momma
Pancakes, Hot Dog and Syrup

Sometimes we like to eat some pancakes for breakfast and stick them in our cold lunch to eat a second time. When I make a batch of pancakes I make a mass of them and that seems to be the most effective way for us to have hot breakfast at least a few times during […]

Dinosaur Sandwiches, Grapes and Gus

By Momma

Little Gus posed this morning for a photo with his lunch box. Good morning dinos. It has been awhile since we’ve seen you. Maybe since last school year? We’ve also got some homemade applesauce, fig cookies, little crunchy sticks from the bulk section at the GFS, of the garlic and poppyseed variety no less. Some […]

Couscous, Banana Bread and More

By Momma
Couscous, Banana Bread and More

Couscous is wolfed down in our house – somehow we managed to have a bit leftover for lunches today. Fruit salad (strawberries, grapes (red and green), & nectarines), lemon soy yogurt, a bit of leftover sliced bratwurst, vitamins, goldfish crackers, & banana bread are the other munchables to fill the bellies today. Now that I’m […]

Fun Lunch Friday

By Momma
Team Lunch

Don’t you know that on Friday you totally have to wear your tuxedo to school? This is breakfast time at our house but also lunch prep time – just wanted you to see how stinkin’ adorable my kids are. Here are their lunches… The melons that grow in Dixon, MT are something to write home […]

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