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Birthday Lunch

By Momma

Last week a special person in my world turned 6 years old. There is something about a birthday that makes me want to cook, bake and please. I let my kids (and husband) pick what they would want, for dinner, more than anything else on earth. Gus picked this… Don’t worry, it is pancakes with […]

Orange Slices, Garbanzo Beans and More

By Momma
Strawberry Star Cookie

Dessert First. Well dessert atop a vitamin pile. Here is the real lunch… This juicy organic orange is the food I want the most right now in this photo. Of course I wouldn’t mind the rest either – garbanzo beans (one of Gussy’s favorites!), goldfish crackers, peanut butter and jelly, applesauce, a strawberry frosted star […]

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