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Smoked Meat Lunch

By Momma

Our Papa smokes the best meat. He loves to do it, and he’s really really good at it! Both boys LOVE it. We were lucky enough to have some leftover brisket to enjoy in our lunches today. The big kid likes bread… and lemon soy yogurt, organic strawberries, grapes and apples, potato salad and jolly […]

Tofurkey Wrap, Dill Pickles and More

By Momma
Tofurky Wrap, Dill Pickles and More

Tofurkey wrap with cheddar cheese and ranch is where it is at. We’ve got some organic diced apples, homegrown cherry tomatoes, soy yogurt (strawberry style), and some crispy organic dill pickles. Dino Vitamins to boot. Honest Kid’s Organic Juice Bag to drink yo. Yummy! If you’d like to know more about the lunchboxes featured in […]

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