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Starwich, Fruit Leather & more

By Momma

We’ve got ourselves a starwich today – instead of a sandwich of course. The starwich is on Wheat Montana bread with Tofurky and Rice Cheese. Orange slices, corn (off the cob), jolly beans, soy yogurt, plums, fruit leather and diced apples make up the rest of the feast. This is the non-starwich version. Looks just […]

Back to School…Already?

By Momma
Fruit Salad, Crackers and Cheese & More

Not quite (in Missoula, MT) but I wanted to get things started up again for you ‘planners’ out there. To munch on today we’ve got some couscous, a fruit salad (one of my favorite things about summer), a slice of banana bread (a bit bunched up), some dino vitamins, some corn off the cob, Annie’s […]

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