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By Momma

The tomato-nosed bagel deer. Seriously…nuff said. I love that guy and his chocolate chip eyes and pretzel antlers. If you’d like to know more about the lunchboxes featured in these pictures and posts, then you should take a look at PlanetBox Lunchboxes.  

The Magic

By Momma
Simon and Gus

The magic is really all for these two humans. Aren’t they handsome? I always love it when I wake up in the morning and plans come together, in the lunchbox. This morning was one of those mornings. The photo above was just a sampling of what my little people are made up of. The photos […]

Summer Camp Lunches

By Momma

Just getting you up to speed. I failed miserably at posting lunches daily, until the day school starts, man summer is busy. Some of our summertime favorites can be spotted above. Oh man that fruit salad! Mmmm. What on earth should I make in the morning. Minecraft Lunch for my 1st and 4th graders? Yipes! […]

Back to School

By Momma

Wee. I love me some rainbow lunch! This rainbow is made up of a fresh backyard hen egg, avocado and ham sandwich on Wheat Montana Bread, with a side of diced organic apple, soy yogurt, tiny tomatoes, peas, a clementine, & of course, some chocolate drops. We’ve been slacking this summer. I haven’t posted here […]

Rainbow Lunch Day

By Momma

Today was Gus’s rainbow day celebration. Colors were discussed the first two weeks of Kindergarten and this was the day he got to wear rainbow colors – of course I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to make him a rainbow lunch. I am pretty in love with the memory of what he chose to wear […]

Ravioli Bird Lunch

By Momma

We aren’t eating the bird for lunch, just to clarify. We got a new bird from Santa and he has an awful lot of spunk. This is my big kid (er a cobra) and our bird, that has too many names, his best friend. It is pretty rare that you see Simon without the bird. […]

Sushi & a Ham Wrap

By Momma

Sushi rolls might be one of the most pleasing things to put in lunches. They are real eye candy. My biggest kiddo loves sushi so every now and again we’ll get a roll and save it until the next day for lunch. This happens to be a veggie version with tofu, carrots, avocado and a […]

Bagel Sammy, Banana, & More

By Momma
1/2 Bagelwich, banana and chocolate chip cookie

Bagel sandwiches are right up at the tippy top of my list. This particular sandwich has a bit of turkey within. The rest of the sides – banana 1/2, homemade chocolate chip cookie (our favorite recipe – so not healthy), Goldfish crackers, kiwi, homemade applesauce, clementine, blueberries and a color circle of chocolate drops. version […]

Halloween Lunch

By Momma

I had every intention of getting this posted yesterday. Next year I’ll be better about posting lunches on time, maybe. We’ve been making homemade bread for a few weeks now and we are really loving it, the entire process is pretty magical. It is always so mystifying to me that bread comes from the most […]

Green Belly Acher School Lunch

By Momma
Grapes, Belly Achers and More

Sounds appetizing, right? Well belly achers aren’t adequately named. I ate about 40 of them last night – no aches. As for the rest, apparently I had green on the brain this morning. Soy yogurt, green apple, green chocolate drops, green belly achers (aka cucumbers soaked in vinegar, water, salt and pepper), green grapes and […]

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