Halloween Lunch

Monday, October 31st, 2011

I wanted today's lunch to be extra spectacular but the boys really wanted a special breakfast so we made pumpkin shaped pancakes - which ended up sucking up some of my normal lunch making time (and creativity). So here we have it.

Pumpkin Ham and Cheese

The teeth idea was found by my Mother-in-Law and I thought they were hysterical turns out they were a hit this morning with Simon and Gus! I just cut up an apple (from our apple tree) spread some peanut butter along each slice and used some marshmallows for the teeth. I actually got a good strong leg hug from one of the boys because they were so excited about the teeth. Thanks Lina Lou.

Marshmallow Teeth

Halloween Train

The sideways train throws off my balance a bit.

Happy Halloween!

Both lunches were the same, some organic pineapple slices, a pumpkin shaped Ham Sandwich, some edamame, the toothful smile, pan fried carrots from our garden, apple bits from our tree, and a tiny little chocolate drop pumpkin in the center (please use your imagination and you'll see that pumpkin). Happy Halloween Eats!

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  1. Hey!
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I know you guys will have SO MUCH FUN! Glad the apple teeth were a hit! That makes me so happy!



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