Ham & Pickle Rolls and more

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Rolled Ham Made Your Lunch

Aw yeah nothin’ like some rolled ham in your lunch – with a little dill pickle and Tofutti cream cheese in the middle, yum!

And of course one kid likes pickles and the other doesn’t care for them so much, so we have a variation on the school lunch for today.

Ham Sandwich, Sugar Cookie, and More

Kiwi, buttery pretzel squares, blueberries, a tiny orange (clementine), pear slices, ham sandwich on Wheat Montana Bread, vitamins and a sugar cookie made by our friend Kimberly complete the package today.

Ham & Pickle rolls Made Your Lunch

Oops looks like there was a homemade applesauce substitute in the little guy’s lunch. Everything else is pretty much the same though. “Same but diff”

Happy Munching!


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